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The correct acid/alkaline (pH) balance provides a healthy environment in
the body making it difficult for infection
and inflammation to survive.

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Alka Vita Concentrate Drops

Alka Vita™ Concentrate Drops is a proprietary modified liquid silica concentrate, highly alkaline to help offset acidity in the body.

The Alka Vita™ base product is proprietary modified liquid silica with the following unique features:

  • In concentration form, it has an extremely high (alkaline) pH of around 14.3
  • Alka Vita™ is non corrosive and non toxic


Alka Vita™ has several unique features which sets it apart from other supplemental silica products. It is water soluble, making it one of the highest bio-available silica sources available. Most silica is not bio-available because it is not water soluble. Anhydrous silica which is the mineral form our bodies use to build collagen, connective tissue, bone etc is the highest bio-available form. Our proprietary method eliminates the caustic aspects of such a high pH product. The Concentrate pH ranges from 13.7 to a high of 14.3 depending on the pH metre being used.

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Basic bio-chemistry information and relationship to health

pH is a measurement of the number of negative hydroxyl ions (OH-) compared to the number of positive hydroxyl (H+) in any given fluid or tissue. The higher the pH, the more alkaline and oxygen rich it is. The lower the pH, the more acidic and anaerobic (without oxygen) it is. Maintaining the recommended slightly alkaline pH of human blood at 7.365 is critical to optimal health.

An over acidic body pH or acidosis, is a reflection of imbalance and sets the stage for disease. It reduces the body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients, reduces energy production within the cells, as well as the cells ability to repair itself and detoxify metabolic by-products.

Chronic low level Acidosis is believed by many researchers to be an underlying contributor to such diseases as Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Poor Immunity, Chronic Infections, and many other chronic and degenerative conditions.

Every living cell within our bodies creates waste products. All these waste products must be detoxified (made inert) and removed from our body for us to stay healthy. Virtually all waste products are acidic. Due to a number of reasons, most of the time we do not rid ourselves of 100% of these waste products. Over time the waste products may become solid wastes such as cholesterol, uric acids, kidney stones, urates, phosphates and sulphates, etc. Without us being aware of it, they can accumulate in various tissues in the body and this build up contributes to aging and conditions such as arthritis.



By adding Alka Vita™ to your drinking water to help your body dissolve acid wastes, it makes it easier for the body to dispose of them. If regularly consumed, the water containing Alka Vita™, gradually reduces the accumulated wastes allowing the body to recover healthy states naturally.



Many conditions thrive in a low oxygenated (anaerobic) state, including infections, diabetes, cancer etc. The finding of the relations of anaerobic states and cancer was discovered by Dr Otto Warburg in the 1920s for which he won a Nobel prize. Warburg discovered that with insufficient oxygen cells cannot function normally and mutate into cancer cells.

Alka Vita™ can help prevent acidosis by restoring the correct pH levels due to the liquid silica having a naturally high pH level

Alka Vita™ is a natural source of liquid silica and provides the body with its daily mineral requirement to initiate healing and new tissue construction - especially connective tissue and bone.

Ingredients: Modified Liquid Silica Concentrate

Quantity: 29.5ml (1 fl. Oz.)

RRP$48.60 incl.GST - Buy Now

Directions for Use: This product is ideal for use everyday, when travelling, out and about, on the road etc... It is ready to use, just add several drops (to your taste) either in water or Green tea.

For health maintenance: 4 drops in a 250ml glass of water 3 times a day. For disease states: up to 50 drops per day in water taken periodically during the day. For children: Children under 10 two drops in 250ml water 3 times a day for health maintenance, or as recommended by your health care professional

Note: If you can taste the Alka Vita, you need to dilute it further by adding more water. In correct solution it is tasteless.


Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed.





Disclaimer: The information and statements on this web site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or to be construed as medical advice.

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