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Bob's Alka Vita Story



Story of 72 year old Bob who resides in a retirement home and is using Alka Vita Concentrate Drops.


"after five weeks my ulcers had completely healed"

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Aloe Vera Lotion

After suffering from sunburn on the backs of my legs I used Alka Vita Aloe Vera Lotion...

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After two months the area still had not healed. I applied the alka vita lotion to help heal the wound and it healed within 10 days...

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If your product arrives to you in a faulty condition we will replace it with proof of purchase and the return of the damaged product.


Synergy Group NZ is committed to providing you with the best health care products available.

Alka Vita

Synergy Group NZ guarantees the quality of Alka Vita and that it is free from damage and defects. Synergy Group NZ will provide a Full Money Back Guarantee valid for 30 days following date of purchase.

The guarantee is only valid with proof of purchase.

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